Thursday, October 21, 2010

ASOS Paint by Ciate- Blake (NOTD)

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Hi girls,

Today I'm showing you Blake by Ciate's ASOS Paint.

This colour didn't photograph well at all. In reality, it was more of a fushia pink. I quite liked this shade, and even managed to wear it to work yesterday (my company's logo is pink and yesterday we were told that if we came to work wearing pink then money would be donated to charity). However, I had to redo some nails this morning and by the time I got to work, I already had some serious chipping. I couldn't believe it. It looked so bad that I actually just spent five minutes peeling it off. I'd rather people saw my own nails, horrible as they are, than be at work with chipped nail polish.

I'm really fed up with polish that chips so easily. I've tried so many topcoats and they just don't work for me at all. The one I used on this was Barry M 3-in-1.
Can you recommend any topcoats that prevent chipping?
Should I invest in some more expensive nail polish (say, OPI) and hope that doesn't chip?
What do you think?
Bye for now,


  1. it looks like a gorgeous colour! shame it chips so easily :S im still looking for the perfect top coat too! ie heard good things about sally hansen so i might check that out :) <33

  2. this looks great! im sorry about the chipping that stinks!

  3. I'm quite annoyed that most of my nails have already chipped by day two. Such a pain. I did apply China glaze fast forward but I wonder if it's just me abusing my nails badly at work and not to do with the polish. I don't know but at times I think MUA lasts a day longer with topcoats.
    Oh btw I've found my little book I've been searching for tonight. Pak helped me searched and I rethought the last time I'd had it and found it in an old handbag I haven't used in months!

  4. Cute color but sorry about the chipping!

    ***** Marie *****

  5. That's a lovely colour. I'm still looking for the perfect topcoat.

  6. Glad you like the colour girls :-)
    The chipping is such a nuisance though, it's put me off using it again any time soon.


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