Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Kitty

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Usually when I go to Tesco and want some fun distraction from my food shopping it's the Healthy & Beauty aisles I head for. Today, however, it was the Toys aisle which caught my eye and in particular this Hello Kitty soft toy

Aw. I didn't buy it but it's still in my thoughts. Why does Hello Kitty still have the power to command my attention? I'm 24 not 5 years old...


  1. I always head to health and beauty aisles too, heh, then the boyfriend would find me and try to pull me away.
    See its the inner child in you :p

  2. I think part of the attraction is that Hello Kitty products weren't really available in the UK when I was young but now they're everywhere!
    Kind of wish I'd bought it too...

  3. Ha, my boyfriend got me this kitty for our 1 year anniversary! I think you are right, years ago Hello Kitty wasn't available, but now its literally everywhere.
    He got me the strawberry one a while back too. I am a big child!

    Anna x


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