Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day Back

Currently watching: Dawson's Creek

Good evening ladies,

Did everyone enjoy their first day back at work?!

I was late for work due to a nose bleed, thought I was going to have a nice quiet day in the office then discovered I had been booked to do my very first stock take, on my own. Luckily I volunteered to go on a stock take in the morning with a senior so then she came with me to do mine in the afternoon. The first one took a lot longer than planned though so we were on our feet from 10am until 3pm, didn't have lunch until 3.30pm (breakfast was at 7.30am), didn't have a drink until 5.30pm (very glad I had two drinks at breakfast) and walked for miles and miles around a factory. To top it off, I wore my new dress from M&S but didn't even have the chance to reveal it as I kept my coat on all day.

Now all I want to do is lie on the settee with my hot water bottle and watch Dawson's Creek...

Bye for now,


  1. Oooh nice fuzzy/furry hot water bottle! Heh I was using a forever friend one for years then last winter I bought a blue monster bear. Bit smaller but does the job.
    How do you know how to price/estimate stock? We're having ours this Saturday. We're like naughty kids trying to keep stock low at the moment.

  2. I haven't dealt with pricing stock yet so I'm not sure. All we did yesterday was look at the stock list, choose samples and then checked to see if they really were in the stockroom. Then we did it the opposite way round, randomly choosing stock from the shelves and checking they were on the stock list.

  3. aww, well get some rest, you deserve it!


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