Sunday, January 16, 2011

That Was The Weekend When

*I spent some serious time in front of my computer screen watching EastEnders and Jamie's American Food Revolution and reading your blogs but somehow didn't find the time to write any posts for my own blog.

*I read a lot of Alan Sugar's book, What You See Is What You Get, and really enjoyed what I read, but am only up to March 1986.

*I went out to my first bar in Manchester. £8.50 for a cocktail! Ouch!

*I had the opportunity to do something fun and creative with my make-up, especially my eye make-up, when I went to this bar and I didn't. Wasted opportunity.

*I broke two of my beloved glass flower ornaments I bought on holiday in Prague. They cannot be replaced. I'm quite devasted.

*I invested in some O.P.I Avoplex products, cut my nails and started on a new growth programme for my nails (more about this later). I know it's the right thing to do but oh my nails look hideous when they're so short and bare. Please grow back quickly.

*I didn't relish the thought of going to work on Monday.

How was your weekend?

Bye for now,


  1. £8.50 for one cocktail? EEEk!
    Proactive weekend, got up early but got plenty done, so although not chilled out I feel like its been time well spent. Can't say fairer than that :)

  2. i just spent today going to church and lunch with my family. then i watched the golden globes. have a great week! :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. @Sophie, Yep, I wanted to cry when I saw the prices. I like productive weekends :-)

    @Mimi, sounds like a good Sunday. Loved your post on the Golden Globes :-)

  4. Oh yes, I've always had problems with my nails.

    I have nominated you for the following award:

  5. Hi, just stopping by to let you know I've tagged you for an award :-)

    Cheers! x


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