Thursday, January 13, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

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Hi folks,

How are we all today? Not long until the weekend now, yay.

Yesterday I decided to sort my jewellery collection as I was given a few pieces at Christmas and needed to find places for them as well as unpack the items I took away with me for the holidays.

At the moment I have four boxes on the go plus a stand for necklaces and an organiser for my earrings. I don't like having so many boxes but I haven't been able to find one big enough to house everything, especially one that fits all my criteria. I'm not bothered about whether or not there's a mirror inside but what I would like is a row of hooks inside the lid that I can hang my chains from.

While I was organising and looking at all this jewellery I realised how few pieces I actually wear on a daily basis. I always wear earrings and now I always wear my new silver twist ring but I hardly ever wear necklaces which is strange since most of my work outfits consist of an open-neck shirt. As for bracelets and bangles, during the week I would only wear them on my right arm (my left wrist is reserved for my watch and I don't like to mix) but I find it uncomfortable to type or write with bracelets on.

A lot of my jewellery is gifted to me so it's a real shame that I don't make full use out of it. I definitely plan to start wearing more and making sure I wear a variety of pieces rather than simply sticking to a few key items.

What are you like when it comes to jewellery? Are you as passionate about necklaces as you are nail polish? Do you feel naked if you leave the house without earrings? Let me know!

Bye for now,


  1. Wow you have a lot! I feel naked without earrings! lol It's one of the things I'm never without! I always wear necklaces outside of work too. I agree though, some bracelets just get in the way! x

  2. I am such a jewellery hoarder! I have a special drawer in my wardrobe + hooks, from Ikea I think!

  3. Nice to know I'm in the company of the like-minded :-)

    @Olivia, yeah it's turned into quite a collection but it's shameful how much of it is never worn!

    @Daisychain, ooh I like the idea of having hooks up in the wardrobe for chains. Shame I don't have a wardrobe!

  4. Wow. That's a lot :p
    I used to wear a necklace to work all the time, like a simple one or two charm piece but for a while I haven't worn any jewelery. In the past I liked my bracelets but yeah they got in the way of typing and popping pills. I should probably make a better effort with my necklaces. I like my apple swarovski one Pak gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I've added a blue heart to it, one you gave me a while back.

  5. Do you belive me if i sey to you that i don't own much of them? maybe some necklace and some wristlace and stop! :D btw amazing collection!

  6. OMG you are so organised. You have motivated me to get some organisation going with my jewlerey. When ever I decide to wear something it's normally twisted onto something else and I give up.

  7. @Wing, I always feel my bracelets are a nuisance when I put on/take off my coat as well. I will make more of an effort with my necklaces too this week :-)

    @Alice, ha, yes I believe you ;-)

    @Green Tea,have fun organising!I hate when my jewellery is twisted. That always happens to me when I take necklaces on holiday :-(


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