Sunday, January 30, 2011

That Was The Weekend When

On Friday
Nothing much happened. I came home, watched Top Gear, and relaxed with my boyfriend.

On Saturday
*Temperatures dropped

*I met up with the French girl from last weekend plus two of her French friends. Some of the conversation escaped me but overall I had a good time with them.
*I put my Boots £5 voucher towards this No7 primer. The bottle's green, so is the product. Bit scared to try this!

*My boyfriend and I had tea at Waxy O'Connor's then went to the cinema to see Blue Valentine. I didn't like it at all. Ryan Gosling is an actor I really don't like and I found the film very boring. We saw The King's Speech during the week and although I wasn't at all keen on seeing it, it was a much more enjoyable and engrossing film. Nice to see Helena Bonham Carter playing a normal character instead of a crazy banshee.

On Sunday
I went to Sally's and made a couple of purchases :-) I'll reveal what I bought during the week!
*I also went shopping in town and bought three Accessorize nail polishes (3 for 2 until 15 February), a dressing gown and a satchel from Matalan.

Do you like it? I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it as I'm beginning to think brown wasn't the best colour to choose. It will look fine with my red coat and various jumpers but what about when I wear my numerous black jackets? I'm not a fan of mixing black and brown.
*I opened a twitter account! My username is butterflyport so please follow me if you tweet too!

How was your weekend? I'd love to know what you got up to!

Bye for now,


  1. Hello! I haven't been up to much, figured out what was causing the stutters and blurriness on streaming videos though so I can now watch Dancing on Ice on my netbook, yay! The boy tried fixing it a few weeks ago when he was working on the internet. Turns out I just needed to download adobe and use mozilla firefox instead of internet explorer.
    Popped into Boots and used last voucher to buy a mascara and treated myself to Nail Envy just over £18! I've never spent so much on a nail product before. I'm sure the 15ml bottle will last a long time

  2. Ooh, great that you got the problem sorted. Nail Envy is so expensive! Really hope it works!

  3. I have that bag from Matalan, I really like fits all my crap in easily!

  4. Daisychain, I didn't really appreciate how big it was until I had a look at it again this morning. Only concern is the strap sliding down my shoulder, I hate when that happens

  5. I enjoyed watching The King's Speech too.:D

    Cute bag, btw.

    ***** Marie *****


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