Sunday, January 23, 2011

That Was The Weekend When

On Friday
*I left work to find the most beautiful evening sky I have ever seen. Pink, orange, red, purple, blue, white. Swirls of colour and pretty patterns in all directions. Truly amazing. Possibly the first time I wished my phone had a camera.

On Saturday
*I met up with a French girl who moved to Manchester around the same time as me (August 2010) and is also looking for ways to meet people. We chatted for a few hours over a couple of chai lattes (yum) and both had a great time. Feels so good to meet other people socially after all these months of it just being my boyfriend and I or just me on my own now that most of his spare time is spent working on his dissertation.

*We went to Tesco for food shopping and I picked up a couple of bunches of tulips that had been reduced from £4 down to 30p! Some of the flowers aren't in a very good state but the rest are fine. I like having flowers to brighten the place up and look at while I sit at my computer. They may not last beyond a week but I've definitely had my money's worth from them already :-)

On Sunday
I was supposed to meet up with another French girl but she cancelled so I ended up having a walk round a couple of local shops, making a couple of purchases which I'll tell you about during the week, reading magazines and reading your blogs. A nice relaxing Sunday :-)

What did you get up to this weekend? I hope you enjoyed yourselves whatever you did.

Bye for now,


  1. :-< I know what you mean about the months spent in another town/ country with almost no social life :P I moved to the uk this summer with my hubby and as I don't go to school or work :((, I did not get the chance to make any friends so sometimes I feel like going crazy :D

  2. Ooh I do like a colourful sunset.
    The tulips are so vibrant I'm surprised considering it's January! Whoop whoop.

    I had planned to blog more this weekend but ended up hanging out with the boy and visiting my gran today. Took pizza to my gran's and saw Cindy, Candy and my uncle there already. Seeing my gran happy to have us all round made it not matter that I didn't stay in to do housework and blogging ;)
    Back to housework now.
    Oh yeah didn't go to Cinema on Tuesday. We were just tired and went home to cook dinner. Maybe this week

  3. @Birminghamlady, yeah it's crap not having any friends but difficult to make any outside a school environment. Even at my work, people there are nice enough but not what I'd call friend material. It doesn't seem to be the norm to socialise outside of work hours anyway. If you have some hobbies you could always try to find a meetup group in your area using

    @Wing, I'm really pleased with the flowers. It's not often I remember to look at them in Tesco but when I do I'm always pleasantly surprised by all the reductions they have.
    That's nice your gran had all of you round. Must have been a bit of a shouting match between all of you and the tv though lol.
    I think my next film is going to be Blue Valentine next weekend then maybe the romcom with Kate Hudson and Gael Garcia Bernal. I don't know the storyline but I like those actors.

  4. SNAP on the Tulips front, Tesco are really good for flowers, actually!

  5. @Daisychain, I noticed your tulips in the pics from your post today :-)

  6. Oh yes I like films with Kate Hudson. Not very up to date with what films are out just now.
    Yeah I guess it's the norm to be shouting in her little flat theseday. Heh. I slyly put her tv volume down ever so often too.
    Yup yup will keep the list updated.

  7. Wow you went through the face primer quite quickly! I really hope Boots will have the primer by the time I go there next Weekend. Not sure if it's something that is largely stocked.
    How are you getting on with the black cream eyeiner? Had much chance using it?

  8. Beautiful flowers hun! :)
    I went out for drinks & dinner and played a lot of video games & watched tv with the fam this weekend :)

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend and tulips are so pretty!

  10. @Wing,I have the Boots £5 voucher too so might see if the primer is stocked locally and give it a try.
    I've tried the cream eyeliner only once but didn't think it suited me. I think black is too dark. But maybe I'll try again. Yesterday I played around with green eyeshadow, going a bit overboard. David said I looked like Cher lol.

    @Leslie,sounds like a great weekend :-)

    @The Girlie Blog, the tulips make such a difference to the room, they're great :-)

  11. The tulips are soo pretty :).

    Sadie x

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  13. @Sadie, thanks. Love the name of your blog btw :-)

    @Rakhshanda, aw, thank you :-)


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