Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Fashion: OOTD

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Good morning girls! TGIF, right?

Exciting news: yesterday I discovered how to use my camera's timer! I had a play around with it, trying to capture my OOTD for you, and although trying to get a decent photo of my outfit was difficult, here are my best shots:

Trying to remain anonymous

My accessories

What do you think, girls? Firstly of my outfit and secondly of the pictures? Am I better showing you my clothes on the hangers or are you willing to stick with these kinds of photos as I work on improving my poses and image quality?

Bye for now,


  1. Oooh, I love your outfit, especially the dress and accessories. :)

  2. I think its nice to see the clothes on you as it gives a better idea of the shape:) This dress is so pretty and dressy looking but looks so cute and casual with the denim jacket

  3. @Daisychain, me too :-) It's when wearing this I wish I had more dresses in my wardrobe

    @Audrey, thanks for the feedback :-)I wore this to college so I'm glad the denim jacket made itl ook much more casual

  4. Love love love flower dresses. The earrings are pretty too:)

  5. oooh I love that dress, so pretty :-) x

  6. @Beautyshades, thanks :-) I want some more flower dresses in my wardrobe!

    @Nicole, thank you!


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