Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pastel NOTD

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Hi girls! I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday and enjoying the sunshine :-)

Inspired by the sight of the sun, I decided to use pastel shades for my manicure today. The only problem is that I only have four pastel shades and I wanted each nail to be different. I used orange as my fifth colour but on reflection I may have been better with Eyeko Vintage Polish as the orange was just too bright (just between you and me: I almost texted my boyfriend to ask him to buy Barry M Peach Melba for me so I could redo my manicure but stopped myself).

Here are the colours I used:

I started stamping white Hello Kitty images on my nails but they didn't turn out well so I turned to be usual quick-fix solution...

Barry M Nail Effects :-)

My new favourite polishes to layer pink crackle polish over are now:

Do you like this manicure? How many pastel shades do you have?

Bye for now,


  1. Cute! I love the colors. :)

  2. Cute colours!!!

  3. I love it! And right now I sadly only own three pastels... =( Great manicure!

  4. i love wearing pastel colors in the summer. it's very youthful and refreshing. LOVE THIS!


  5. Love it ! The pink crackle over the pastels is just gorgeous! I think I own just 2 pastels, but now I have to change that :D

  6. i don't have many pastel shades, but i love the softness of these easter egg pastel colors. so pretty!

    btw - i operate a family owned architecture firm.

  7. I fell in love with your colorful nails! Cool! :)

  8. @Paulina, thanks :-)

    @Liz, :-)

    @Iris, thanks!

    @Deja Vu, glad you like it!

    @Carrie, they do look refreshing and youthful, I agree :-)

    @Theodora, I liked both looks but the crackle polish really surprised me by looking so good with a few of the colours! Think I'll be getting another pastel or two as well ;-)

    @Sandra, thanks!

    @Oomph, :-) Thanks for replying to my question. I wish I could wear clothes like yours to work!

    @Super cute, happy you love them!


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  10. How cute! I like these. For some reason they remind me of those Valentine's Day candy hearts with wording on them

  11. Those are some great pastel shades! I love all of them! I don't have many in my collection, I think I have a couple pastel pinks and one or two blues.

  12. I felt in love with the pink crackle over the yellow polish!


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