Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Fingers

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Hello dear readers! Today I'd like to show you another Kiko polish I bought during my May trip to Paris.

This is no255, a dark purple packed full of holographic multicoloured glitter

A really pretty shade but a nightmare to remove

I don't think it will be a polish I will turn to regulaly due to removal issues

Do you have polishes in your collection you avoid using because they're so difficult to remove? Do you like this colour?

Bye for now,


  1. it looks gorgeous with all that glitter! :) and I have that problem too, with P2-Rich(248), which is actually very similar to your polish :)

  2. Wow such a lovely deep colour! Its spectacular with the shimmer too =]
    And I don't mind wearing tough to remove polishes... I always use the foil method for glitters which I find is super easy and doesn't take long at all!
    Have you ever tried that method?

  3. I don't avoid them because removal sucks. They are the prettiest polishes I have so I deal with it!

  4. @Theodora, :-) Hope you don't mind, but I've mentioned your blog in one of my upcoming posts. I tried to copy your zebra/zip manicure but it was a total disaste lol.

    @Sara, no, I haven't tried this method, mainly because I always forget to buy tinfoil lol. Must add it to my shopping list

    @Thenailaholic, good attitude :-) I love glitter polishes too

  5. I think all my glitters are polishes I can only be in the mood for now and then due to their removal. That purple is outstanding looking, really want to add this to my collection now.

  6. of course I don´t mind, I´m flattered :)

  7. OOH Super pretty, like a beautiful night sky with loads of stars.
    I do like my glitter polishes but only use them ever so often when I fancy sparkly nails

  8. yes, i have some beautiful glittery nail polishes and one with hearts on it, but i avoid using them because they are soooooo hard to remove. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  9. @Audrey, it is a pretty purple :-)

    @Theodora, :-)

    @Wing, nice image :-)

    @Mimi, aw a polish with hearts in it sounds adorable.

  10. Amazing color :)


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