Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday's Talons- Ruffian/Half-Moon Fail

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Good morning girls!

How is your week going? Mine started well but has been going steadily down hill. A week of tax tuition is not fun and this feeling of not being able to get through the exams isn't nice. Musn't grumble though, onto the nails!

I decided to be *brave* and try a manicure that didn't involve using my stamping plates so I settled on a Ruffian manicure and used circular reinforcements as my image outline.

Oh what a disaster. I used a Boots 17 polish in Pink Grapefruit as my base then, once dry, placed the top half of a circular reinforcement sticker on my nails and used Boots 17 Knockout Red to paint above the sticker.

Why was it a nail fail?

Well, some nails smudged, I misjudged the spaces on some nails so the pink area is not of a similar size on all nails and the edges were badly painted, meaning on some nails the red curve actually looks more like a straight line. Disaster.

As soon as I took these photos I removed this manicure. Definitely not one I'm in a rush to repeat.

Have you tried to do a Ruffian manicure? Did you end up with better results than I did?

Bye for now,


  1. I love the idea of this, I'd never be able to pull it off though!

  2. Oh no! Thanks for sharing though. I actually wanted to try this the other day. I'll have to give it a shot and see how it turns out when my nails grow back. I guess all we can do is try... and take it off when it just doesn't cooperate!

  3. after down it will always go up hill again ;) my first attempt of a ruffian was a disaster :))) even the second one, but with the third one, it eventually did get better :)

  4. I haven't tried this mani yet but I'm thinking about it. And for your first attempt, it's really good!

  5. Isn't this a half moon mani... not a ruffian?

    Anyway awww no it's not a fail! Just a little smudge, but it still looks super =] I love the colours you'v chosen, very interesting and cool =]

  6. Yours actually look TONS better than mine ever do!

  7. @Daisychain, I'm assured it gets easier with practice :-)

    @SS, very true, though I do hate a wasted manicure! Good luck when you try :-)

    @Theodora, that's encouraging :-)

    @Filipa, thanks :-) I look forward to seeing your results when you try it!

    @Sara, good point, but I'm not editing this post to reflect that lol. Well, ok. My colours were practically chosen for me as they were the two *free* ones in the 17 nail bar I got for buying 2 17 products :-)

    @Thenailaholic, aw!


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