Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Talons

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Good evening girls! I'm posting rather late in the day but oh well, better late than never.

Bad news to start us off I'm afraid. A lot of you lovely ladies left me comments recently saying that you really liked the length and shape of my nails. I did too, in fact I loved my nails, but during the past couple of weeks I felt they were getting too long so yesterday I filed them down. My beautiful nails have gone!

I had planned to file them right down but in the end I couldn't bear to do that, partly because I have very small nail beds so if I filed my nails below the tips of my fingers, I would hardly have any nail left to paint. Anyway, they are now a lot shorter than they were and it's going to take us all time to get used to them (!) but I have high hopes for their rapid growth.

Today's manicure features Barry M Blue Moon as the base with a new (to me) Miss Sporty bronze/gold shade for stamping.

The only good thing about short nails is that I can happily use the full nail images from the old Bundle Monster collection and my MASH plates :-)

Thumb, middle and pinkie nails were stamped with m78
Index and ring nails were stamped with BM11

I love this colour combination, I really do. It's the first time I've used this polish but I knew I could rely on Miss Sporty to stamp well.

My only problem was placing the stamp. This was the most successful nail.

So girls, what do you think of this manicure and what do you think of my short nails? What is your ideal nail length?

Bye for now,


  1. This is so lovely and the colors are great. :)

  2. These colours work so well together! xx

  3. I think your nails still look great!

  4. Your nails are just BEAUTIFUL! I really like them like this!
    While reading your post I got a bit scared! :) I thought you'll have only 2 mm (or so) left of nails to paint :D LOL But it's nothing like that. Your nails are great! <3

  5. so cool!!! i like this length. i tend to keep my nails on the short side because i have to put contacts on and i'm always scared i'll scratch my eyes. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  6. @Sandra, thank you :-) I think this may be my new favourite colour combination

    @Amy, glad you agree :-)

    @Thenailaholic, thank you! It's still a shock for me to see them but your comment helps :-)

    @Cristina, aw, thanks! Glad everyone is embracing the new length :-) LOL, I love the fear you had though, that's brilliant.

    @Mimi, thanks :-) Oh I've had a few occasions where I haven't scratched my eyes but when I've been taking contacts out, I've ripped the contact lense when it's been in my eye so half of it has been stuck. So scary! Not sure if that's been to do with my nail length or the quality of the contacts though but definitely not nice.

  7. wow! that stamping nail polish is great! and great colour combo!

  8. @Daisychain, I agree :-) We're going to be seeing a lot more if it!

    @Alice, thank you! It is a good brand for stamping but very cheap too!

  9. This mani is so cute and your nails look lovely!
    I prefer my nails short because as they grow they start to curl and I don't like it :/

  10. @Filipa, aw, thank you :-)
    I hate when nails start to curl too!

  11. love you're nailart...
    i'm now a follower from you're blog

    I would like if you visit my blog..


  12. I love this design! Haven't thought of putting these two color together myself but you've made me considering this!
    I prefer long natural nails so when I found your blog I was so happy! Mostly the nailblogs I find is really short nails. But I'm a new follower! :) Hope you'll help me by checking out my blog too xoxo Theresa

  13. @Iris, thanks :-) And thank you for following! I look forward to visiting your blog :-)

    @Theresa, thanks for following! I prefer long natural nails too; I can't wait for mine to grow again! I'm going to your blog now :-)


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