Sunday, August 7, 2011

Klean Color NOTD

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Hi girls,

Anybody else in the UK cold today? It looks and feels like autumn.

I'd like to start by thanking you all for your lovely comments regarding my *pretty things* post. It's always nice to know you enjoy reading my non-nails related posts too.

Today we're back to nails though as I'd like to show you one of my new Klean Color polishes.

I recently placed an order with an American website for three Klean Color polishes and two Milani ones (pink and purple holographics! Yay!). Although the prices are low (Klean Colors are $1.75 on this site), postage to the UK was $9. In total I spent £15 which gives an average price of £3 per nail polish, which I was perfectly happy with.

The first polish I decided to try was Klean Color Holo Chrome, which I'd seen swatched on a few blogs. It's a royal blue packed full of holographic glitter and is so pretty to look at. Of course the sun wasn't out while I was taking pictures so I can't show the real holographic quality of the glitter.

This last picture was taken under artifical light. If you ignore my yellow fingers, this is an accurate portrayal of the blue shade of the polish.

Do you like this shade? Have you tried Klean Color polishes before? Do you ever import your polishes from abroad?

Bye for now,


  1. It looks and feels like autumn here in germany too :( and the color is gorgeous! in the sun it must be a real eyecatcher :) I would buy polishes all the time from other countries, but I don´t get this whole PayPal-thing :))

  2. No worries, autumn is in France too ;D Hopefully not for long ;)
    Love your polish! I think I'm going to order some Kleancolor polishes too. I've seen they are also making some nice glitters. Chunky Holo smth..I guess. ;P

  3. I can't say enough about how jealous I am of your Autumn weather! I live in Georgia in the States and we are around 100 lately. I'd swap with any of you if I could! lol.

    Anyway, this is the only Kleancolor I have but I LOVE IT. :) thanks for the post!

  4. Wow it looks gorgeous! And I totally like your ring. :D

  5. @Theodora, thanks :-) As for the whole paypal thing :-) I actually paid for these with my debit card but it's true using paypal for foreign purchases is safer. If you set up an account and link it to your normal bank, paypal will take money out of your bank account and pass it over to the seller without giving the seller your bank details. That's my understanding of it anyway. Plus if you have any problems with the seller or your product, you can open a dispute on Paypal.

    @Cristina, glad I'm not the only one missing the sun! Yeh Klean Color seem to do lots of glitters! It was really hard choosing just a few to buy as there are soooo many available

    @Jacki,lol. My colleague is actually on a work exchange in Atlanta just now so I bet she's struggling with the heat!

    @Sandra, aw thanks :-) I thought my ring was quite a good match for this polish!

  6. Oh wow!! That is such a magical sort of colour - seriously makes me think of Harry Potter or something in the most stylish of ways ha-ha :)


  7. Omg. The glitter in this is amazing! LOVE =]]]]

    And ugh yea it's freezing here today! Its actually started raining now too =( Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better =]

  8. i just got this in the mail yesterday.. i may have to use it sooner after seeing how pretty it is!

  9. Ah okay, thanks Laura for the explanation ;) I will give it a try someday :)

  10. @Fashion, I actually know what you mean :-)

    @Sara, :-) Today isn't any better; it feels like autumn. I'm sitting here eating my breakfast, freezing. Winter is on its way :-(

    @Cathryn, yay :-) Hope you enjoy it! Smells awful but the colour is pretty!

    @Theodora, you're welcome :-)

    @NarsCupcake, thanks :-)

  11. What a whimsical polish! I usually use brands I can easily buy here in the United States.:D

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  12. i really like the color :D it caught my eye


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