Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty Things

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Hello dear readers,

Are you enjoying the start of the weekend? My boyfriend is away on holiday and I'm in the run-up to exams so my weekend is one of silence, locked in the house studying.

Since I'm spending so much time on my own at home, it helps having nice things to look at :-) Here are some of my recent acquisitions of pretty things:

wooden flowers

heart mug from Amy :-)

Eiffel Tower mug from Paris which came in the tin displayed below. You may recognise it from my previous post; this tin houses my nail brushes

jewellery stands

butterfly stand for gold jewellery
heart stand for the earrings I wear the most and silver necklaces

After my Wednesday's Wishlist post where I stated I'd love fluffy towels, I couldn't resist picking up this wax melt. Not only did the name make me smile, I love the smell too. I also got another one called Fruit Salad. Delicious.

Have you purchased any items to brighten up your home recently?

Bye for now,


  1. the wooden roses are adorable! all of the things you just showed us are really pretty and can make a home so much more comfortable :)

  2. I like wooden flowers and your butterfly stand is really pretty and practical!!! I've my jewellery in one box and this is a good idea, I must buy something like this!

  3. Hehe I love pretty things =]

    Those roses are gorgeous! And I love jewellery stands! Loving all those earrings you have =]

    Everything here is so pretty!

    Good luck with your exams, hope it all goes well for you =]

  4. I really like those rose flowers!I also have a heard jewelry thing but it has to hang. I'd rather have a stand like yours!

  5. Those roses are beautiful..everything is adorable..thanks for sharing:D

  6. the flowers and the first mug are lovely!

  7. Whit every picture I went: Oh, this looks so pretty! :D
    The wooden flowers look so cool and I love your jewelry stands!

  8. those wooden flowers are gorgeous x

  9. yayay pretty things :) that heart jewellery stand is just adorable <3 i love going shopping for pretty home ware things! good luck in your exams btw


  10. Nice! I like the wooden roses! Have you been to Paris?

  11. i love them! :)

    check out my blog when you get the chance!


  12. @Theodora, thanks :-) I found the flowers on holiday and wasn't sure if I could manage to keep them in good condition on the journey home but luckily I did :-)

    @Super cute, thanks! I had all my jewellery in a box too but I just didn't wear things that weren't immediately obvious. Now with my stand I get a lot more wear out of all my jewellery.

    @Sara, glad you like it all :-) Thanks for the exam wishes, fingers crossed they will be ok.

    @Rilakumaki, jewllery stands are great but finding a place for them isn't always easy!

    @Rakhshanda, thanks for looking :-)

    @Alice, the heart mug is very sweet :-)

    @Sandra, love your reaction :-)

    @Daisychain, thanks :-)

    @Xinyin, thanks for the good luck wishes! Homeware shopping is fun :-)

    @Cristina, I've been to Paris seven times. It's my favourite city in my favourite country :-)

    @Alexandra Marie, thanks!


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