Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday's Stamping

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Good morning girls!

Remember a couple of days ago I showed you my new purple holographic Milani polish? Well I thought that was my new favourite polish. That was until I tried the pink version, Digital!

I LOVE this polish! It is my favourite polish ever.

Once again, it was impossible to capture the holographic-ness of it under sunshine due to recent bad weather but this polish looks really pretty under natural light too.

It is work-appropriate so I wore it to work on Friday and then proceeded to spend an hour in the bathroom as I had a nose bleed (did I say recently that Vaseline had put an end to my nose bleeds? Yeh, well it is worse than useless when I have a cold!) which allowed me to pretty much spend an hour admiring my nails in the mirror. I'm not joking.

I've tried to show the polish's rainbow qualities under artificial light but this picture is almost an embarrassment. It is stunning in real life.

Yesterday I then decided to stamp an image I hadn't used before from Bundle Monster plate 203 using Queenie by No7. I think the colours and pattern go quite well together!

What are your thoughts on this manicure girls? Do you like it?

Bye for now,


  1. Pretty! I desperately want some of the Milani 3D polishes, as well as their Gems glitter polish but can never find a place that ships it to the UK with a reasonable shipping fee :( I find one, put a couple of polishes in the online baskt and then go to check out and find the shipping is more than the polish! Never mind, I'll admire yours instead :)


  2. I don't like it I love it!!Very nice design.Beautiful colors!

  3. This polish looks absolutely amazing. Can't wait to get my hands of these Milani's. I really like the stamping that you did with No7 as well :-)

  4. i love the nail polish :D super sparkly.

  5. @Helly, thanks for following! I bought mine from BeautyJoint where shipping was $9. It seems expensive at first but if I spread that out over all the polishes I bought, it's not so bad, especially considering I've been after the Milani polishes for aaaaaaages as well. I just wish that Milani, and Essence, were sold in the UK.

    @Pinkbeauty, haha, thanks! Glad you love it :-)

    @Nail Stories, thank you :-) I wish I'd bought more Milani polishes. I'll definitely have to place another order.

    @Frilly lace knickers, thanks!

  6. @ynell, it's my new favourite :-)

  7. I really like this milani nail polish! and the stamp you did is a perfect match!

  8. Love this!! I need to check around for these!

  9. I love all the Milani sparkle polishes! I love layering them on top of a similar color for a rich, glittery mani!

  10. Very pretty color and I'm
    Loving the stamp.

  11. OMG - so pretty in pink!!! Love this! So tempted to get Konad to do some stamping as you are such an inspiration for nails, Laura :D

  12. I might have to order this one as well! looks lovely on you x

  13. Digital is a fun pink shade, I like it on your nails!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. Love this polish its sooo pretty and the pattern over the top goes really well! xx

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  15. @Alice, thanks! I hadn't used this stamp before but I like it now.

    @Jacki, yeh! Add them to your collection!

    @Sandra, thank you :-)

    @Aqui, that sounds great :-) I need to order more colours!

    @Beauxs Mom, thanks :-)

    @Ling, aw thanks :-) You should start stamping, definitely.

    @Tee Dee, thanks! I wish I'd ordered a back up

    @Marie, I love it! Thanks :-)

    @TheOtherSideofCool, thank you!

  16. sooo pretty!!! i love the shiny pink!!!

  17. wow im impressed, you do great nail art!

  18. You are so talented at nail art :) i just found your blog and i love all your nail designs, they are amazing xx


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