Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday's Manicure

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Hello dear readers,

How are you today? Did you have a good weekend?

Here's the polish I've chosen for today's base, Bourjois in Bleu Asphalte which I won in May:

This is the first and only Bourjois polish I've tried and I was really pleased with the application. This is two coats:

The only drawback was the tip shrinkage I got after using Seche Vite. I am so fed up of that topcoat now, can't wait to move on to another brand.

Now I don't know why I chose this colour because it's not exactly work-appropriate. Yes, my college days are over for the moment and I'm back at work :-(

However, once choosing this inappropriate colour, I got carried away and did some inappropriate stamping using China Glaze Peace on Earth (an olive green) and Mash plate m73.

What do you think? I like the colours together and I like the pattern but I'm not sure either colour suits me.

All feedback is appreciated :-)

Bye for now,


  1. woah, that is really cool. did you free hand the designs?! that's sooooo good.


  2. thats so beautiful! :)


  3. @Carrie, thanks! No way could I freehand that, lol, my freehanding skills are awful. No, I stamped the design using a Mash image plate

  4. Why shouldn´t this be work appropriate ? It looks awesome, and with the stamping you made it look so elegant :)

  5. @Alexandra, thanks!

    @Theodora, thanks :-) I'm just not sure about the colours though. I always have to analyse my clients and see what colours/designs I think I can get away with whilst still appearing professional in their eyes

  6. That is a very nice colour and the stamping is GREAT!!!
    I own 2 Boujois, and one of them is from the "So Laque!" collection (mine is called Cerise Noire). That's a great polish! Great application, great formula, amazing shine. Too bad they're beyond expensive!

  7. @Cristina, thank you :-) Yeh, the price definitely puts me off from buying from this range though I might still be tempted to try one from the range that claims to last 10 days!

  8. The colour combination is very beautiful!
    The stamping really comes forward..

    xx Iris

  9. I totally love this color, I need to get it! :D

  10. I LOVE deep rich colours like this! I think the stamping you'v done works really really well with this polish =] Interesting and super pretty!

  11. Love the deep bourjois colour. Nice stamping works really well.

  12. So beautiful, very nice blog :)

  13. @Iris, thanks! Glad you like the colours :-)

    @Sandra, I would recommend the colour and the brand!

    @Carlinn, thanks :-)

    @Sara, thank you! It's the first time I've worn such a dark grey (bleu asphalte, whatever)

    @Beautyshades, I agree, clear stamping makes me happy :-)

    @Flabgee, thanks!

  14. So pretty! I love love love it with the stamp!


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