Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Talons

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Good morning girls!

Yesterday I called in sick to work as I was choked up with a cold. I'm not better but nobody's going to do my work for me so I can't take today off too. Anyway, yesterday I painted my nails and watched 12 episodes of Dawson's Creek. A lot of tears were shed I tell you.

Here's the manicure I came up with:

I used a pink La Femme Beauty shade with a matte topcoat then stamped using BM-214 and Eyeko Tea Rose Polish

This is the first time I've used this design and I really like it although of course I had some problems with double stamping. This wasn't due to the length of my nails however, more to do with always misplacing the stamp and missing the edges of my nails. I must say I was also impressed with the stamping quality of Eyeko Tea Rose.

I'm really looking forward to using this design in the future :-)

What do you think girls? Thumbs up or not your thing?

Bye for now,


  1. Your nail design is very beautiful great combination!! New blog follower!!

  2. Beautiful coulor combination..
    I really love pink :)



  3. Great stamping design! It looks even better from afar :D

  4. Very nice! That's a neat stamp design... That I would never try because I can't seem to keep those straight :)

  5. @Pinkbeauty, welcome :-) Thanks for following! Glad you like the manicure!

    @Iris, thanks :-) I love pink too

    @Theodora, thanks. It may even be a new favourite :-)

    @Cheap, Pretty Nails, so do I!

    @Thenailaholic, ha, yes I didn't even think about keeping the design straight when I was stamping, it only dawned on me afterwards that they should be straight. But never mind!

  6. Thumbs up for sure! Everything from the colour combo to the pattern itself is beautiful :)

  7. @Audrey, high praise :-) Thanks!

  8. This is really cute!! I think the vertical lines make your nails look longer!(:

  9. Thumbs up for sure! The two colors look cute together and I hope you well better soon.

  10. Your nails look so lovely. The pink with stripes is a great look.

  11. I can't tell any are squint. Or am I not looking close enough? Heh I like it, looks a little 3D too. For some reason the design reminds my of zips.
    Hope you're feeling much better!?

  12. @Paint That Nail, thanks! I think so too :-)

    @Forever 92, thank you :-) I'm actually really surprised by how well the colours go together! And thanks for your good health wishes; I'm on the road to recovery

    @Sherin, thanks! Glad you like it :-)

    @Sandra, :-)

    @Wing, it's true, they don't look squint in these pics. I'm not great but at least my bones don't ache anymore. Still have a nosebleed every time I blow my nose and a hoarse voice. Talking to clients is fun...

  13. New follower :) I love the two shades of pink together...so pretty!

  14. @Whimsical.glam, welcome aboard :-) Thanks for following. Glad you like this manicure!

  15. oh my gosh! Those don't even look like real nails :) Such a cool print. Looks so darn professional, and the colours are perfect together!

    xxx Irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)


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