Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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Hi girls!

Once again I must apologise for the lack of posts. I've cut my nails and now I don't feel like painting or decorating them very often :-( Hopefully they will grow quickly though. My OPI Nail Envy ran out so I have invested in Nail Tek Foundation to see if that does my nails any good. Fingers crossed!

Today's post features one of my nail polishes from Superdrug's MUA range, a pink called Shade 15:

I really like this colour as it's both work and weekend appropriate however I wasn't at all impressed with application.
I applied three coats with each coat seemingly streakier than the last. Despite the three coats, there is still visible nail line too.

I know this is a cheap brand with 6.2ml of polish selling for £1 but I still feel entitled to complain ;-)

What's your opinion on this brand, girls? Are you a fan of MUA?

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  1. Your nails look beautiful. I'm in dire need of a trim.

  2. I have recently tried the MUA nail polish range and I was pleasantly suprised - amazing really for £1.00. Fair enough, the bottles are small and cheap feeling and the brush is tiny but I was really happy with how quickly the polish dried. They could do with a few more colours though.

  3. Lovely colour, and your nails look lovely. I'm going to try and pay more attention to the MUA stand in the future!

  4. @Girlie Blogger, aw thanks :-) I do prefer them a bit longer though!

    @daisychain, glad you like it!

    @Sandra, thanks :-)

    @Helen99, I think some of their polishes are great (my favourite is a green shade, 5) but with this one I just wasn't impressed with the application. I really want to try their eyeshadow palettes though!

    @Anna, aw thank you! The MUA stands can be hard to find in some Superdrug stores but once you find them, a bargain can always be found!

  5. This polish looks gorgeous, I have it but haven't gotten round to trying it yet! A shame about the streakiness, it's such a pretty colour though!


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