Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday's Shopping (New Nail Polish)

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Good afternoon ladies!

Are you having a good weekend? I thought I'd show you the new nail polishes I acquired during my lunch break yesterday. Seven nail polishes in an hour...

Green, lilac and blue Boots 17 Magnetized Nail Polish

Victoria and Tate Nails Inc nail polish, free with Glamour magazine

Gold Barry M Nail Effects

Midnight Sapphire Boots 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish

They're all rather wintery shades I think and ones which I'm very much looking forward to trying in the near future.

Do you have any of these? What polishes have you added to your collection lately?

Bye for now,


  1. That's a nice stash for a lunch break shopping. :)
    I've added quite a few "Model's own" to my collection recently.

  2. Midnight Sapphire looks gorgeous! Will have to be buying that! :)

  3. I picked up the teal magnet one but it doesn't magnetise very well :( I also got the silver foil Barry M.

  4. I love nail polishes ! They are amazing
    Visit me in your spare time =)

  5. Couldn't resist 3 for 2 in Boots! Don't blame you! Let us know how you get on with the Magnetic polishes ;-)

  6. What great choices! Recently I picked up Milani Blue Flash :)

  7. They all look so gorgeous! I can´t wait to see the Gold Barry M :D I got some Avon polishes lately and I can´t wait to order more :D

  8. @Sandra, thanks :-) Not that I actually needed any of them!

    @Rainbowify Me, ooh Model's Own is a brand that I still haven't tried. I've heard good things about it though :-)

    @Lydia, I had an Accessorize navy in my head but I'm happy with the 17 one. Looking forward to trying it :-)

    @daisychain, oh no, that's not what I want to hear!

    @MiniStyle, I love how glossy they are! Looking forward to visiting your blog :-)

    @Anna, even more tempting when there are Advantage Points involved ;-)

    @GothamPolish, thanks! I'm not familiar with Blue Flash but the name is great :-)

    @Theodora, thanks :-) I haven't tried Avon polishes before but I loved your turquoise one!

  9. Oooh they'r all so pretty! I love midnight sapphire and barry m gold is amazing!
    I really want to pick up NI victoria, it looks gorgeous!

  10. I love the fact you did exactly the same as me and bought 2 magazines for those Nails Inc colours! I got the same two, and went and got another one today. Such a good value!

  11. @Sara, there's nothing like inspiring other nail polish fans to add to their collections too lol. Eases the guilt ;-)

    @CirqueDeLaBeaute, I really hate falling into the trap of buying more than one copy of the same magazine just for the "free2 gift but with these polishes I just couldn't resist. In fact, I did the same the last time they had Nails Inc polishes too. Oops! Lol. Very good value considering the polishes normal retail price though!

  12. I did the same when Marie Claire did Ciate, although there were only 2. I justify buying more than one by giving the spare magazines to my friends :) they get something free, and you feel as if you've done a good thing.

  13. @CirqueDeLaBeaute, I like the way you think :-)

  14. Lovely polish haul! Gorgeous colour choices. :D


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