Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday's Swatch (Magnetized Polish)

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Good morning girls!

I'm so happy the weekend is here even though I don't have anything planned. Sometimes it's just nice to relax and have some time to yourself :-)

Today I'd like to show you my first attempt at using Boots 17 Magnetized Nail Polish. Oh, and do you know why it's the first manicure I'm showing you since Tuesday? Not because of the lack of light for taking photos, no, but because my new China Glaze top coat allowed me to keep my previous manicure on, relatively chip-free for a whole five days :-)

Anyway, on to today's swatch:

Although I have this polish is three shades, I decided to try Green first.
I'll be honest and say that I really struggled with the technique.

I'd seen plenty of pictures on blogs featuring this polish and everyone had managed to create beautiful waves. Everyone but me. I didn't know whether the magnet had to be moved about in order to create the waves, whether you had to move the magnet quickly or slowly...

I became really frustrated with the results I was getting but then I found a video which showed me exactly what I should be doing.

By this point I already had about three layers of polish on so when I tried a fourth layer using the technique shown in the video, my results were a big improvement but not as good as they would have been had I done it properly from the start. Nonetheless, I love the effect that the magnet creates and in real life, my nails look 3D, especially when I move them in the light and the waves seem to roll.

Now that I know what to do, I'm really looking forward to trying my other two colours and working on perfecting this design :-)

What do you think of these nails girls? Have you tried magnetized polish? Did you struggle like I did in the beginning? I'd love to know!

Bye for now,


  1. Oh yes I struggled! I even managed to take off the polish from my nail and on to the magnet :)))
    I tried it over and over and eventually I succeded :P I love the color of your magnetic polish, it´s gorgeous! I love the effect you´ve created too, my lines are always straight :(

  2. At some point I might have to get my nails on a magnetic nail polish myself, I think it looks really good, and I can't see you struggled with it. I did however watch the video you linked to, and it looks sooo easy. I'm sure I'll struggle with it too! :D

  3. Gorgeous colour! I want this one so badly :) your nails still look fab, I love the way your ring finger has come out :D xx

  4. It looks so interesting and good. I've never tried any magnetic polishes, but I want to.

  5. i love the look of this magnetize polishes, i need to get me some.

  6. @Theodora, I managed to get my polish on to the magnet a few times too :-) Very happy to know I'm not the only one who struggled with this.

    @Rainbowify Me, thanks :-) Really wish I'd watched the video before I attempted doing it myself. I'm sure you'll be fine when you try it :-)

    @Emma, thanks! I love the colour too but it was a nightmare to remove!

    @Sandra, thanks :-) I'll look forward to seeing your magnetic manicures when you add these polishes to your collection!

    @Lydz, yeah you do! :-)

  7. Aw I know what you mean about getting the magnet to create perfect patterns, lol I tried and failed a few times too! I think the most annoying thing though was when my wet polish kept touching the magnet! Ugh =/
    Its great you got there in the end though =) It looks fab!

  8. This is cool, I like the colors!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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