Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday's Subtle Stamping

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Good morning girls!

How is your weekend going so far? I had to work yesterday and attend a stock take so that wasn't much fun but at least I have today to myself so I can finally blog again :-)

During the week I painted my nails using Yves Saint Laurent in Pink Moon which is a lovely terracotta pink shade full of purple shimmer.

I then stamped using Lilac Ice by Collection 2000 and Bundle Monster plate BM203.

Please excuse the tip wear, my photos were taken after three full days of wear.

I really like this stamp but I can never decide if it's best to have a light base colour with a dark stamping colour or the other way round for this image.

What do you think?

Bye for now,

PS I saw Breaking Dawn this week and really loved it! Did anyone else like it?


  1. I think subtle stamping can be very pretty. The other way around would work too, but I like this!

  2. @Rainbowify Me, thanks!

    @Divine Blush, thank you :-)

    @Fingers, thanks :-)

    @Forever'92, glad you like it!

    @Arianne, aw, thanks

  3. This is so pretty! I also really like the YSL color, so unique!

  4. This manicure is so pretty. What a lovely combination! ^-^


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