Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday's Swatches: Going for Gold

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Good afternoon girls!

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday. I've spent the day catching up with last night's X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing shows while painting my nails. I'm choked up with a cold at the moment (which I blame on working in a school last week) so a relaxing day is just what my aching body needs.

Yesterday I showed you the polishes that I've added to my collection and today I have a swatch of Barry M Gold Foil for you. I thought I only owned one gold before my purchase but actually I owned two so I now have three golds:

It's amazing how many shades of gold there are. Below are swatches of (from left to right) Marks & Spencer Goldrush, Barry M Gold Foil and Miss Sporty 312.
I'm not a fan of Goldrush at all but I think it suits my skintone which is why I'm hanging on to it. The Barry M swatch shows that the foil polish definitely lives up to its name but I'm not sure how flattering it will be with my skintone.

What gold polishes do you have? Do you find them flattering?

Bye for now,


  1. I don't have any gold polishes at all. My skin tone goes much better with silvery colours. :)

  2. Miss Sporty 312 looks really good.

  3. These types of golds don´t suit me much but I love them on their own. I like Barry M the best here :)

  4. Miss Sporty looks really pretty! Barry M too, but it´s not that golden as I thought it would be :P I own some gold polishes, but I haven´t found a real pretty one yet :)

  5. @Rainbowify Me, oh I do like a good silver, especially with glitter :-)

    @Lydz, I think it's my favourite out of these three

    @sonidlo, I'm sceptical about whether Barry M will look nice on my nails but I hope it will!

    @Theodora, yeh I thought Barry M would be a brighter, more yellow gold so I was a bit disappointed when I saw it in the shop but felt I had to buy it since the idea had been in my head for so long!

  6. I love gold polishes!!! That Barry M is incredible for stamping, I love it =)
    Oooh I used to have the miss sporty but gave it away without even trying it! Now your swatch makes me feel like buying it for myself again!


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