Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chocolates, Cards and Nail Tools

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This morning I was up bright and early in order to start teaching at 7.30am. Today was my last class with my student, which is a bit of a shame as I really enjoyed our lessons, but my time in Poland is coming to an end. My student surprised me with a goodbye/thank you box of chocolates which I wasn't expecting at all but was only to happy to accept :-)

They were very tasty. I love Milka.

A few weeks ago I wrote about a site called which allows people all over the world to send and receive postcards. I sent five cards to Canada, China, Estonia, Germany and the USA and I know that the ones I sent to Estonia and Germany have been received. This triggered my name to be "selected" from the "postcard lottery" and yesterday I found this card waiting for me in my mailbox:

It's a hand-drawn black and white flower card with yellow thread woven around the sides sent by a Canadian girl living in England. So nice. There should be another card winging its away around the world to me and once my three remaining cards reach Canada, China and the USA, I will be sent three more cards.

Now onto nail tools. A while ago I used a dotting tool for the first time and created a manicure where I used lilac as the base colour with white polka dots on top. I was asked about the dotting tool and said I'd put some pictures up of mine so here they are:

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