Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello girlies :-)

Today is my second last day in Poland so I'm a bit occupied packing up everything (my suitcase seems a lot smaller than I remember), saying goodbye to people, exploring Warsaw for the final time, working out how to get to the airport for 4am etc. However, I still have time for blogging!

I have lots of pictures from last week's trip and hopefully I'll be able to show you a selection of them soon but for now I want to show you my purchases, in particular my Essence buys.

I first discovered Essence when I went to the Czech Republic in 2007 and then I saw the brand again in Germany last year. In Germany, Essence was stocked in a chain of pharmacies called Rossmann but unfortunately Rossmann in Poland (or at least Rossmann in Warsaw) doesn't seem to sell Essence products and as far as I'm aware Essence isn't available in the UK. While I was on my travels last week I was lucky enough to spot some Essence stands in a department store when walking through Ljubljana, Slovenia. Yay! Their selection was immense and it was great seeing things that I've been reading about on some of your blogs. Of course I couldn't buy everything though so I settled for the following:

I'm sure I tried a Boots 17 nail polish remover pen years ago and wasn't very impressed by it but I decided to try the Essence one as it was fairly cheap and could turn out to be a good investment. Does anyone else use nail polish remover pens?

I also bought nail repair, another glitter topper because my current one, which I purchased last summer, is running low, Colour & Go shade 33 Just In Case and Multi Dimension shade 55 Princesses Rule!

Just In Case is the first brown nail polish I've ever bought, and I'm sure I've been buying nail polish for well over 10 years, so it's definitely something new for me. I haven't swatched it yet but I may come to regret not having bought two as the bottle is rather small (5ml).

Princesses Rule! is a light pink shade with some silver shimmer through it, so the name is quite appropriate. I think this will be a good colour to use just now while my nails are short and I want to have them painted whilst avoiding drawing too much attention to them. Saying that, I recently acquired some jazzy nail decorations that I'm eager to try out ;-)

Bye for now,


  1. I did find it fascinating that all the teenagers in junior apprentice were trying to be all professional too. Obviously you could spot some just gave funny or shifty glances at people, probably too excited. I didn't even realise he was a Lord Sugar either until they all called him that. Too used to Shiralan Sugar.

  2. You've just reminded me that I had a nail varnish remover pen in my pen holder. Had it for years and had forgotten about it. It's a nails Inc one that has a brush almost a cm long. Can't remember if it's any good but will definitely play with it next time I paint my nails. Usually I just get fun picking the side messy bits off after a shower :p

  3. Ah your comment made me laugh with your "Shiralan" :-)


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