Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eyelashes and Nails

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Good evening,

I can now happily report that the Internet is back up and running in the flat! The three days offline felt sooooooo long. I'm glad to be back :-)

Now for the post I wanted to do on Friday. I recently mentioned that I had some new make-up purchases to discuss. First up is Editt Cosmetics' 3D Superblack Mascara. This cost 5 zloty (£1.10) so I wasn't expecting much from it although sometimes cheap products can be surprisingly effective. Basically I wanted a new mascara as I've had my current one for ages but I didn't want to spend a lot on a good brand (international brands are priced higher here in Poland than in the UK so if I'm going to buy branded goods, I would prefer to wait until I'm back home at the end of the month).

I love the design of this mascara because to me it looks sleek and elegant.

I tried to take pictures of my eyelashes without mascara but none of the photos came out well so I'm just going to show you what my eyelashes looked like once I'd applied this masacara.

What do you think? I would like fuller eyelashes but overall I was happy and received compliments when I wore this to go out on Friday and Saturday.

Now for the nails. I used silver nail polish for the base and Konaded over them using the stars from m3 in a blue shade. Initially I hated this because I messed up the placing of the stamp on quite a few nails. However, my nails were admired and eventually this manicure grew on me. I really like silver nail polish (usually I wear it with a glitter top coat) and I think the blue goes well with it. Next time I'll just have to be more careful when stamping.

Bye for now,


  1. Ain't it funny when you can't go online you feel a bit lost, hehe. My internet has been a pain most of the week. Kept cutting off and had to keep going downstairs to reset both modems and router. It would happen about every 30-45 minutes until I gave up. Hence my mad obsession with blogging last night ans gluing myself to the netbook :p

    I'm mostly into creme colours for my nails, I think you've convinced me to start looking at metallics again. Very pretty indeed :) Oh I remember when we were at school I had a metallic white nail varnish by Boot's Natural Collection which also had the scent of coconut lingering.

    The lashes look quite well uplifted and subtly volumed. Does that make sense? I recently bought Maybelline popular one that's pink with a green lid. I needed a new one and decided to get this and see what the hoo ha is all about. My eyes got watery a few times in the day and realised I got panda when I got home, Hmm don't knwo fi I want to use it again.

    I did consider taking photos of my purchases from the passed 5 weeks, in hope of showing myself not to buy anymore. Do you need to shrink the photos or does it do it by itself when you upload them? I tried adding a url image the other day and didn't work. Still new to this blogging site :s

    Pak has my sandwich toaster so I had to make do with a cheese sandiwch today, plus had no ham in the house. Headaches not as bad now. That's quite cutely organised that you have days set for certain food. :)

    If you're still getting headaches when you're back, you should see your G.P again. There are so many choices here, the next thing they prescribe might just work ;) don't give up. I keep nudging Pak to see his at Milton Rd cs his ear has some kind of infection. He didn't keep at the drops he got 6 months ago and now it's back. He's too embarassed to see his G.P. I wish I could call for him (I talk to their staff quite a lot for enquiries, so have their no etc) but I doubt I can make the appointment for him.

  2. Hi I'm new to blogging, but not new to nail polish, but I've never got a Konad stamping you think it's worth the investment to get one? By the way, I like the design!

  3. Your nails are sooo nice :)
    Does the stamp last long, or can you only use it once?


  4. Thanks :-) Though today I had to cut my nails as they were in bad condition. Hope they grow quickly.


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