Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do these shades really exist?

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After seeing a lot of bloggers posting swatches of blue polish, I've now decided I'd like to try creme blue. Pastel yellow is in my mind too. Yesterday I went to my local cosmetics shops in the hope of finding nice blue and yellow shades there but I didn't have any luck. My dad is currently on holiday in Spain and since I usually stock up on cheap nail polish when I'm across there I decided to ask him to go the shops I frequent and look out for the colours I wanted. I sent him a text asking him to look for creme blue and pastel yellow nail polish for me and a few hours later, enough time to have a look around the shops I suppose, I received a text: Do these shades really exist? Ah. Guess I'll just have to wait until I'm back in the UK to look for the branded nail polish I've read reviews of.

In the meantime, I ended up buying a neon pink shade for 3 zloty (65p).

I was so happy when I bought this because in my mind it was the exact shade of neon pink (it doesn't really look neon in the photos but I promise you it is) that I've been wanting for years. I applied two coats today (application was horrible, especially now that I've cut my nails and I'm still getting used to painting short nails) and was fairly happy with it. Until it dried. Once dry, it looks exactly like the other neon pink I bought a couple of weeks ago even though in the bottles, the two shades look completely different:

Bah. So disappointing.

To cheer myself I added some Essence Glitter Topper (which I love)

Have you been disappointed by any of your recent nail polish purchases?

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  1. Really pretty manicure. LOVE it.
    I'm not nuts about the polish I spent the most on. SH Hidden Treasure. I've only tried it over one color so maybe that is where I'm not seeing what everyone else is seeing.

  2. that's a pretty color, and it works well with the glitter topper. :)

  3. Oh the glitter makes it look so good.

    I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow and I don't feel like using my new Nails Inc colours, more like the Rimmel Sky High, Rose Libertine or Electric I feel like painting tomorrow. Shall see how I feel when I get home.I have a pastel yellow I got in my new bunch you can have once you're back. I was thinking of changing it to green with my blues but too scared I'll just ruin it now. I probably will just stick to my blues and pinks for the moment and won't use it

  4. Thanks for the comments girls. Yeh, a glitter topper always makes everything ok again :-)

    Ooh thanks Amy. Hope you manage to upload photos so that I can see the results of your Friday nail painting session!

  5. I think it looks really pretty with the glitter over the top.

  6. hi! i gave you an award on my blog. check it out. :D

  7. Your nails are AH-mazing. You have serious talent, dear!

    Just came across your blog, via What Mim Writes. Loooove it! You're too cute. :-)


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