Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Clothes

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On Saturday morning I hit the shops and came back with a few purchases. First up is this pair of sandals from, of all places, Carrefour supermarket. They have a toepost, which I like as that will help them stay on my feet, and they're not very high but still higher than my flat flipflops.

They felt a bit nautical to me and I thought they'd go really well with my blue/grey and white striped H&M skirt.

Next up are a pair of purple striped shorts from C&A. Next week we're planning on going on a road trip across Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia so I need lightweight clothes which will be appropriate for travelling (by bus, train and car) and for walking in the countryside (the aim of this trip is to see small traditional villages, lakes and mountains so we won't really be in cities). I'll be wearing my trainers for the majority of the trip and I don't really like wearing my bulky trainers with the skirts I have here so I thought shorts would be better.
I was really happy because I managed to find two vest tops in Cubus that were the right shades of purple to match my shorts.

I don't think the shorts photographed well but they're really nice in reality. I'm not sure I'd wear them in the city (either here in Poland or back in the UK) for a day of shopping or going to the cinema though. I only really wear shorts when I'm at home in the garden or abroad on a proper summer holiday. Are you comfortable wearing shorts in the city?

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  1. i really like the shorts :)
    especially with the purple tops :)
    Have fun :)

  2. stripey skirt and shoes seem to go very well together :)
    Thanks for giving instructions on how to add images, must be really simple but I'm just making it hard.
    I'd forgotten you wouldn't be registered in Edinburgh anymore for a GP. I'll just nudge him everyday until he's booked an appointment.

    It was bizarre last night, my knees got so cold they hurt a little! It's like it's telling me I'll have arthritis on my knees when I'm old

  3. love the skirt and shoes :)
    and thanks for commenting! I'm definitely going to order some konad and I really appreciate your opinion :)


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