Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NOTD (Viva La Nails)

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Viva La Nails were recently kind enough to send me a sample of their nail decorations to try out:

It's a lovely selection and for my first Viva La Nails manicure I chose these pink pearls:

I teamed them with my new Essence pink polish:

This was the result:

It was quite easy to apply these pearls. First I applied my base coat then two coats of the pink polish. I waited for my nails to dry then applied a clear top coat and, using the pad of my index finger, picked up one pearl at a time and gently placed it on my nail. I didn't press down too heavily as otherwise that would smudge the polish. After applying all the pearls, I waited a couple of minutes and then applied my clear top coat again to ensure all the pearls were firmly stuck on my nails.

I did this last Thursday and only removed it on Sunday so it lasted really well, especially when you take into account the fact that on Friday I was packing up my stuff in Poland and on Saturday I was lugging my suitcase off the luggage carousal at the airport, wrestling with trolleys etc. Initially I was concerned about having the beads raised on my nails and them catching on fabric and falling off but this wasn't a problem at all. During the four days of wearing this manicure I only lost two beads. Their loss wasn't very obvious so I didn't replace them but it would have been easy to do so.
I loved this manicure and was so happy to come home and accessorise with my pink pearl bracelet and silver butterfly ring :-)
These pearls are available for £1.95 from Viva La Nails and you can buy them here.

Are you fans of nail decorations?

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