Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updated NOTD

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This is the third and final time I'm going to blog about this shade of purple polish, I promise. The first time you saw it, it was left bare. The second time, I put flower stickers on alternate nails. Those stickers lasted all of a day. Then, because I didn't have time to completely redo my nails, I simply Konaded a flower pattern on top of the purple.

I have to say this colour has really grown on me. It's a horrible polish to apply because it smells horrendous but it was very cheap (65p) and has lasted well- there's only a small amount of tip wear and this is day five of wearing it without a top coat. I'll be removing it later today so I should have some new nail pictures to show you soon as well as details of some make-up I recently purchased.
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  1. That is one gorgeous manicure. LOVE the design.

  2. Very feminine polish!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

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  4. Ah. Posted a comment but a sentence mucked up its places and tried deleting, copying and pasting back here but pasting isn't working :( ohh well

    I said that the nails look very pretty and it's lasted quite well huh. And smelly nail varnish are a bum to bare.

    I caved in last Saturday and bought some Nails Inc varnish set. Feels like I've been sitting on my hands all week. There was a confirmation email earlier this week but as yet no dispatching email or package and it Friday tomorrow. Ah well, got my blues and pinks to choose from for this weekend

  5. it looks gorgeous! what nail polish is that?? <33

  6. Thanks girls! I was quite sad when I finally removed this manicure.

    What Nails Inc colours did you get Amy?

    Paperheart, the purple nail varnish is a non-branded one I bought at shop with no name in a Polish train station...The white is Konad Special Polish :-) Thanks for becoming a follower!

  7. This is gorgeous! And so cheap! Btw.. you know you requested a swatch of my Boots 17 Polishes, well I just remembered I had already done NOTD's wearing them :)

    Here's the link.



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