Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Foreign Travels (Blackpool)

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Good morning girls! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I haven't done any nice manicures but hopefully next week I should have time to make my nails all pretty again.

Since today is Friday, that means I'm once again giving you a glimpse of another place, this time it's Blackpool in England, home to the seaside, Pleasure Beach amusement park and fish and chips.

Blackpool Tower, a mini Eiffel Tower ;-)

Rollercoaster rides at the amusement park

Have you been to Blackpool? Are you a fan of amusement parks?

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  1. The amusement park looks real fun ;) and I love your last picture, it´s so beautiful! Blackpool looks really nice, now I would like to visit it :P

  2. Rollercoaster - fun! I need to catch up on my Grey's Anatomy too.

  3. I am so un-travelled, I've never been to Blackpool.

  4. I love visiting Blackpool, it's super fun at night too when all the lights come on =]
    Hope you had a great time there?

  5. Have not been to Blackpool for ages, love the crazy golf and having fish and chips!

  6. @Theodora, thanks :-) It's definitely not a *must-see* culture-wise but the amusement park is great fun :-)

    @Girlie Blogger, haha, I was soooooo happy when I found out season 8 of Grey's had started!

    @daisychain, definitely a summer day out!

    @Sara, I did indeed have a great time, thanks, although I was a bit disappointed with the illuminations!

    @Helen99, ooh yes, I enjoyed my fish and chips too :-)

  7. Never been to blackpool!!! sounds amazing though :) hahaa!!


  8. Thanks for the pictures, looks like a good place to visit.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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