Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Swatch

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Good morning ladies! Are you having a good weekend? I went shopping yesterday (I'll show you what I got later this week) and one of my purchases was Pink Spice from the Accessorize nail polish collection.

I saw a lot of swatches of this polish when the Accessorize make-up range was first launch as it was believed to be a dupe of a MAC polish (Bad Fairy maybe) but it never really captured my attention until last week when I saw it on Sara's blog. It really looked stunning on her so on it went to my wishlist.

Accessorize cosmetics appeal to me because of their design- I love butterflies :-) This one was in a little box with lots of lovely butterflies so it would make a nice gift as well although personally I don't see the need for the extra packaging, it's just a waste.

I'm really happy I finally bought this polish; application was easy, I only needed two coats and ooh the sparkle is pretty.

It's also the kind of polish that has numerous tones throughout it depending on the light. Flashes of orange, yellow and even green are highly present.

What do you think of this polish ladies? Are you a fan of the Accessorize range?

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  1. It's so beautiful, I love the duochrome.

  2. It looks good on you! :) I said this also on Sara´s blog-post about this polish: I am in love with this gorgeous duochrome, I have to buy me this asap! :D

  3. Aw yay i'm so glad you got this and even happier you like it! Haha and I agree with Theodora, it looks amazing on you =)
    Thanks for the link love btw =)

  4. I have not heard of this brand before! Looks so pretty on you!

  5. That's gorgeous! I have Aztec from that range and don't use it nearly enough.

  6. Pretty duochrome! Sparkle is subtle, but still very nice!

  7. I love this polish! I have it on my toes at the moment :P

  8. You have such a lovely blog! I'm glad I came across it!

    I'm subscribed :)

    xoxo from Croatia!

  9. @Sandra, thanks :-) I love the duochrome too

    @Theodora, thank you! Definitely one you need in your collection!

    @Sara, you're welcome :-) I rarely buy polishes based on swatches I see on blogs but I'm really glad I did with this one!

    @Fingers, thanks :-) I know Accessorize have shops outside the UK but I don't know if their range of cosmetics is available outside the UK too.

    @Daisychain, thanks! I may have to investigate Aztec :-)

    @heartNAT, thank you :-) The sparkle is a lot more obvious in real life.

    @Lydia, heehee :-)

    @sweetmouse24, thanks for following! I'm following your blog too now :-)

  10. this polish is interesting! But here in Italy Accesorize doesn't sell polishes :( :(

  11. Hi Laura, I'm a new follower.

    This polish is fabulous! I really like the duochrome effect; it reminds me a bit of the famous Clarins 230.


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