Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Talons

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Good evening girls! I hope your week has started well :-) This morning I decided to update my manicure from Sunday by adding animal stripes. I didn't have enough time for stamping so I thought I'd be brave and freehand some stripes using black polish and a striping brush.

I don't think it's too bad for my first attempt but there's a lot of room for improvement

(The glitter you can see on my pinky nail is Kleancolor Holo Pink. I added this on Monday but only to the only nail out of curiousity)

Unfortunately we're now getting to the time of year when I leave home in the dark and come back in the dark meaning taking clear photos during the day is becoming increasingly difficult.

Do you like this manicure girls? Any tips on how I could improve my animal stripes?

Bye for now,


  1. That's really great for the first time! Way better than I would do!

  2. Yeey some freehand! And it looks really good! :) A pink glitter zebra :D You don´t have to improve at all, but you will see it will get easier with every time you try it :)

  3. Look super nice, I like the pink.

  4. beautiful ... the colour is very nice.


  5. I like these nails! It was your first freehand print? It looks pretty good! No! It looks amazing!!!:) Good job!:)

  6. @Fingers, aw thanks :-) I bet you could do just as well though!

    @Theodora, thank you! Much less time consuming than stamping :-) Although I didn't show any pics of the right hand as that freehand was a lot messier lol

    @Sandra, thanks :-)

    @Polish and Charms, thank you!

    @Iris, thanks :-) It may possibly be my new favourite polish!

    @Super cute, aw thanks! But my right hand looked a lot worse! More practice needed :-)

  7. I've never tried free handing animal stripes before, I always stamp :)

  8. Aw I really love tiger stripes and yours look great!
    Love the effect of them with the polish too, fab!

  9. @Whimsicalglam, stamping does give more reliable results :-)

    @Sara, thanks :-)

  10. It's really cute! First time shmirst time, lol. The pink is really pretty!!


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