Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Talons (A First For Me!)

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Good morning girls! Today I'm very excited to show you my manicure as I do believe it's a first for me:

I used a white polish for my tips and then applied a coat of Eyeko Petite Polish for my French manicure. I rarely do French manicures as I find it difficult to freehand the tips and I always find they chip quickly or end up with holes in them for some reason. There are quite a few holes and smudges in the tips of this manicure but I don't think they're *too* obvious...

I then decided to stamp using a purple Miss Sporty polish and MASH plate m25. I originally intended to use only the butterfly image but I was nervous about messing up the stamp placement so I decided to use the floral image on alternate nails as I felt there was more freedom for placement error with this image.

Overall I was very happy with this manicure and it's definitely a style which I will wear again. I loved typing at work yesterday and catching flashes of my white tips. It's a very clean manicure I think.

What do you think of this type of manicure girls? Is it something you'd try yourself?

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  1. This manicure is perfect! It's so clean and smart but pretty at the same time. I am a BIG butterfly fan I have 3 butterfly tattoos and am almost always wearing butterfly jewellery somewhere about my person so a style like this would be perfect! xx

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  2. I love a clean classic french manicure!

  3. I am not a fan of french manicures, because I get bored with them after a few hours, but with the stamping you did it looks absolutely gorgeous! :) That, I would wear ;)

  4. This looks really pretty! So girly :)

  5. I love classic frenches! I need to do one myself! The stamping is nice.

  6. It looks so pretty, reminds me of porcelain. :)

  7. The nail design is too pretty. LOVE!

  8. I think this is beautiful!

  9. Oh my, I think this is just a smashing good mani, and I wish that I had the nails to be able to pull something like this off. You did a fantastic job on your tips!

  10. @TheOtherSideofCool, aw thanks :-) Always nice to find another butterfly fan!

    @Polish and Charms, I'm starting to appreciate them more!

    @Shannon, thanks!

    @Theodora, I bet you'd come up with some great designs based on this look!

    @Liz, thank you!

    @Fingers, thanks :-)

    @Sandra, aw :-)

    @The Girlie Blog, thanks!

    @Jazzy E, thanks :-)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous, glad you like it!

    @Original-Wacky, thank you! I hardly ever do tips but this has helped show me that you actually don't need lots of practice to be able to do a decent job!


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