Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday's Thanks

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Hello girls!

Sorry for my lack of posts this week, work has just left me shattered at the end of every day. I just need to get this week over and done with and then it should be fairly smooth sailing until Christmas.

Anyway, today I'd like to thank Super Cute Super Easy for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award! I've always admired this award whenever I've seen it displayed on other girls' blogs and I'm really pleased to have been awarded it now so thank you very much! If you don't already follow Super Cute Super Easy, her blog is a fab read so I suggest you head over there now :-)

Now for the rules of the award:
Link back to the blogger who gave you the award
Share 7 facts about yourself
Share the award with 10 bloggers

I always find it difficult to think of facts about myself but here goes:
*I've been in my current job for just over a year now which means I am taking on more responsibilities hence my exhaustion
*I have not watched any of X Factor this year bar 5mins of the first show
*The last cd I bought was by KT Tunstall
*I am planning a trip to East Anglia at the end of this month which I am very excited about
*The last film I saw at the cinema was Friends With Benefits
*The last dvd I watched was Love Actually. I used to hate this film but when I watched it recently my opinion changed
*I recently bought some strawberry and cream flavoured tea and I love it :-)

The lovely ladies I'd like to pass this award on to are:
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Fingers Polish Mania
Chit Chat Nails
Nails and What Not
A Place For My Nails
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Strong Nails
Canadian Nail Fanatic
Nail Newbie
Nail Files From The Basement

Congratulations girls :-)

Bye for now,

PS The rules state I can only award this award to 10 bloggers but in my opinion you all deserve this award!


  1. Thank you so much Laura ! I will post this as soon as I can ;) I like your 7 facts and I bet the strawberry and cream flavoured tea is delicious!

  2. I think some of your blog links arent working! Please check them out-I want to see these other blogs! Thank you so much!! I don't have this award! I really appreciate it!!

  3. @Theodora, you're welcome! The tea is delicious :-) Especially the scent!

    @Fingers, thanks for letting me know! The broken links have now been fixed :-) And you are welcome for the award :-)

  4. Getting this award really made my day. Great birthday present! Thank you, and I will post this A.S.A.P :)

  5. Thank you! My first award. You are lovely! =)

  6. @Liz, aw :-) Happy Birthday :-)

    @Ms. Strong, you're welcome! You deserve it!

  7. Thank you hun, that's very sweet of you :)


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