Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Foreign Travels (York, England)

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Good morning girls! How are you today? Do you have that Friday feeling??? I certainly do as I'm on holiday today :-) I'm going to York for a long weekend with my mum so although it will be a fairly relaxed weekend I'm sure it will be lots of fun too.

A while back I decided to do a weekly travel post, showing pictures of places I've visited in recent years, hearing about whether you too have visited these places and where you would like to go. Not a lot came of that idea, until now. Since I'm spending the weekend in York, I thought my first post could be on York as I visited this city in April and have lots of photos taken in the sunshine...

The shape of these houses from this angle caught my eye

Clifford's Tower, part of York Castle

The Shambles- a medieval street housing lots of boutiques and tearooms. Perfect for a spot of afternoon shopping followed by aternoon tea.

York Minster

Perfect weather for a stroll along the medieval ruins of the town wall

At the end of the day it was great to relax in the park

Have you been to York? Is it somewhere you'd like to visit?

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  1. thanks for the post, I've never been there

  2. I don't live too far from York and I would strongly recommend it to others! There is a good mixture of high street shops and some great independents. Plus, you are not too far from The Designer Outlet which is home to a CCO!

  3. Love the pictures. I am so intrigued by old castles. Wish I could go there some time.

  4. I would love to visit York one day, thanks for the pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. @Paulina, glad you enjoyed it :-)

    @Helen, it's a lovely place and so nice to have a mixture of high street shops and independent boutiques :-)

    @Girlie Blogger, :-) Hope your wish comes true!

    @Marie, you're welcome!

  6. nope, i've never been there, but i would looooove to visit one day! it sure looks beautiful! i love the little street filled with boutiques and tea rooms... everything is just gorgeous! :D

    <3, Mimi


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