Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Manicure

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Good morning!

As I hinted yesterday, today's manicure is some stamping over my new All About Me Pink Honey base.

It also features another new polish I recently added to my collection, MUA Shade 20.

I stamped using a full nail floral image from Bundle Monster plate 201.

Stamping was slightly problematic due to the fact the polish is the same colour as my stamper so trying to line it up with my nail was rather tricky!

What do you think girls? Have you stamped using this image before?

Bye for now,


  1. I have that plate but don't think I've used it yet-will need to fix that-this is really great-except for the pink and all! Sorry-not a pink fan!

  2. @Vicky, thanks :-)

    @Fingers, aw, what's wrong with pink? Lol. I think it could look good stamped in white over a pale blue shimmer or silver to make the flowers look like snowflakes

    @Theodora, :-)

    @Polish Amor, thanks :-)

    @Sandra, thank you!

  3. I hate when stamping becomes difficult due to the polish colour :(


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