Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's Wishlist (calling all butterfly fans!)

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Good morning girls!

I'm currently making a scrapbook and whilst looking online for images of butterflies to draw on the pages, I stumbled across this image:

Isn't it beautiful?! It's designed by Grainne Morton and comes with a rather hefty price tag so
I don't think this will be decorating my wrist any time soon but I was just really taken by all the colours and the design.

Is this something you would wear?

What animals do you like on your jewellery?

Bye for now,


  1. I would totally wear this!! Gives me ideas! I like to make my own jewelry..

  2. This is beautiful and could definitely be made yourself @polish and charms :)

    You sound a bit like me, anything for inspiration lol xx

  3. I love butterflies! The colours and patterns are such great inspiration for just about everything :)

  4. Ooh so pretty! I'm sure iv seen something like this before... without the price tag lol! I'l be sure to let you know if I remember =)
    I love animal jewellery, my faves have got to be butterflies, elephants and peacocks =]

  5. it looks so cute ! I would totally wear this :)
    I really like jewelry with snakes and I have a cute little ring with an owl :D

  6. @Polish and Charms, glad to have helped inspire you :-)

    @Purple Fairy Dust, :-)

    @Sandra, there's a matching necklace too :-)

    @whimsicalglam, yay butterflies :-) Lots of lovely tones here, I agree

    @Sara, ooh peacocks on jewellery would be awesome1 I haven't seen any (yet)

    @Theodora, I've been seeing a lot of owls on jewellery lately. I love owl earrings :-)


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