Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adding to the Collection

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Earlier today I was out and about looking for postcards (more about that another day) and while I didn't manage to find any, I did manage to pick up four new bottles of nail polish on my travels. They cost 3 zloty (about 65p) each so they certainly didn't break the bank and I can't wait to try them all although the bright neon pink one will have to be saved for the weekend as I don't think it's really appropriate for work.

I tried the silvery purple shade then used Konad m3 with black polish and I absolutely love the results. The butterflies are stamped in different positions on each nail and I would maybe do the positioning differently next time but I think this look is great.

What do you think? A successful Konad session?

Bye for now,


  1. Beautiful. Love the color and the Konading. :)

  2. Oh wow I love your nails! So jealous! I really want to have a go at doing my own using Konad plates! xx

  3. Thanks everyone! I know I've only done three konads but this is by far my favourite. I've wasted so much time admiring my nails since I did this :-)

  4. Butterfly nail art = amazing! Very creative.



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