Sunday, May 16, 2010


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Today was billed as a stay-at-home day but when I saw the heavy rain this morning I couldn't resist going out for a walk. Why? Because it gave me the perfect excuse to use my beautiful butterfly umbrella

I bought this is Bratislava, Slovakia when David and I were there last month. We only spent 10 hours there but it rained during the whole 10 hours and we were poorly dressed and equipped for such weather so it was a bit of an emergency purchase. I was happy to buy it though as I love butterflies. I have a big assortment of butterfly-themed items at home, including bags, jewellery, mugs, plates, scarves, stencils and stickers, but there was only so much I could bring to Poland so here's the collection I have with me at the moment:

kirby grips, Claire's Accessories
purse, Accessorize

necklaces from left to right: QVC, gift from Italy, gift from France, gift from London, Asda

earrings, Palenque

photo album, gift from France

pyjama trousers, Primark

Are you ever so slightly obsessed by any motifs?

Bye for now,


  1. I love your umbrella, so cute!

  2. butterfly accessories are sooo pretty. :D

    p.s. i am now a follower. visit and maybe follow my blog too? thanks! :D

  3. Seriously? Is every second comment going to be a request to be followed? Sorry I find that a bit silly.
    Anyways impulse buys are healthy :) You'll realise that you would have missed out if you didn't buy it. Hee.
    My mum said he was lookin in the freezer for something and struggled ages looking, so the phone must have flown out of his pocket without realising

  4. Yeah got my hair cut in the end. She went a bit scissor happy and chopped lots off despite asking for an inch or two trim! My mum is sly, she secretly cuts lots off so that it'll be ages until I need to cut again. Infact she admits that.Practical huh.

  5. I've always want to try Barry M nail varnishes, I've got my eye on some blues just now but just bought two bottle of Rimmel nail varnish so going to be good for now

  6. Not sure my umbrella will fit in my suitcase so it may have to stay in Poland :-(

  7. Aww, would you be able to sed some stuff home in cased you're over 22kg? or was it 23kg?

    We had to buy a make shift convenience store umbrella in Tokyo when it rained and rained the first three days there. Pak loved it as it was only £3, large enough to cover the both of us and was for sale everywhere, he was gutted when it was too long to fit into the suitcase and had to be left behind


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