Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Style

Back again, but without any colourful patterned background. I just can't work out how to customise my blog, despite reading numerous tutorials and attempting to download background layouts. Anyway, I decided to write a post on a new nail colour I tried yesterday, a pastel purple which I thought would be ideal for spring.

The photo doesn't really show this colour as it appears in reality- looking down at my nails just now, the colour is much brighter and pinker than the dull purple/grey here. I quite like this one although I don't expect it to last for long since I paid around 5zl (£1) for it. What I'd really like to try is Avon's Luxe Lavander, which apparently is long lasting and a beautiful shade of purple. If you access the Avon site via Google you can get free delivery on orders of £20 and over but right now I don't see enough products I'd like to get my order up to £20. I haven't tried Avon's nail varnish before but this one's definitely on my wishlist. And in other news, I bought this dress from New Look recently. It's not my usual style at all (in fact, I very rarely wear dresses) and I don't know when or where I'll wear it but for some reason it caught my eye and I was reluctant to leave the shop without it.

Bye for now,

PS: Last night I saw the film New York, I Love You. I don't know when it was released in the UK but it came out in Poland last Friday and, having eagerly awaited the release of this film since I first heard that it was in production, I went to see it at the first available opportunity. Its premise is based on Paris, Je T'Aime, which I really liked, but the 11 short films in New York, I Love You were nothing short of disappointing. I thought Valentine's Day would win the award for worst film of the year but it appears there's a new contender for the title. What's the film you've been most disappointed by this year?


  1. Ooh very lovely. Makes me think of being in warm spring/summer gardens. Can't wait to wear much lighter clothes. Is it getting warmer in Poland?
    What other uk shops are over there? Didn't think there'd be a new look.

    I felt the same when I bought my polka dot dress in H&M in London, not something I've ever worn but loved it once I tried it on.

  2. Hello :-)
    The weather was getting warmer here (26 degrees one day!) but now the temperature varies from around 15 to 20 degrees, it's often cloudy and it's been raining heavily once or twice a day. So it doesn't seem like we can rely on good weather.
    Apart from H&M and New Look, the other shops I recognise from home are Topshop, Next, River Island, M&S, BHS, C&A, Clarks, Claires..i think that's it. But Primark is missing!!!
    Ooh, your polka dot dress sounds nice. What colour is it?

  3. For some reason I didn't think UK high street shops would exist in Poland. That's very cool.
    My dress is blue with small white polka dots. I'll try get a photo taken when I eventually get round to wearing it.

    I was talking to our Saturday girl yesterday during our break (she came in to cover for somebody on holiday) and she was shocked I didn't go to Primark in London.I think I was mad to not even go in now..
    It's huge when you see the shop outside! I couldn't exactly shop for long hours, just picked a few shops each day. I felt if I went into Primark I might be in there for hours or forget about Pak and time. It was funny when we went to shops on the Bank Monday. Girls were everywhere and when you go towards to doors, there's a line of men/boys standing looking bored.


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