Thursday, May 13, 2010


So last night I watched Clueless and therefore had the urge to go shopping this morning. In fact, reading so man y blogs about how wonderful Primark's stock is at the moment has made me want to go there for a while but sadly there's no Primark in Poland so I have to wait until the end of June to get my hands on some bargains. I doubt their current stock will still be available by then but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed anyway.

One of the things I was hoping to buy today was a bag. When I came to Poland I was only allowed 20kg of luggage and, bearing in mind that I came here at the beginning of February and needed a lot of heavy winter clothes, I had to be extremely selective when choosing which bags to bring with me.

I was given my Marks and Spencer "Twiggy" bag over two years ago and I absolutely love it. It's ideal for taking to the supermarket (especially those supermarkets who make you pay for carrier bags), carrying all my textbooks when I'm teaching and using as a carry-on bag for flights which, as a result, means it's probably one of the best-travelled bags in Europe. However, it's not the most elegant or stylish of bags, it doesn't close, and, to be honest, I get fed up of always carrying a bag over my shoulder. I hate being lopsided and having the left side of my jacket/jumper/tshirt dragged down.

Despite that, I brought another shoulder bag with me. This is one I bought in John Lewis during the January sales. People always compliment me on this bag and say it's a nice colour and, while I agree, I can't say that it's a great bag, mainly because of the fastening. However, when I need to go to the headquarters of global insurance and IT companies to teach Business English, it definitely looks more professional than my M&S bag.

And here's the third bag I have with me, which I was given as a Christmas gift. It really is beautiful and ideal for going out at night (although it looks small I can fit my purse, keys and mobile in there without any problem) but it's not really suitable for using during the day. Saying that, it's the bag I chose to use today when I went shopping as I just didn't want the hassle of trailing round the shops with a big bag that would fall down my arm whenever I wasn't holding it. At least the handles of this one fit over my hand so I can rest it there when I want to use both hands for searching through the rails for an item of clothing in my size.

Did I end of buying a bag today? Nope. I find bags are generally over-priced and I'm reluctant to buy one unless I really like it. Nothing I saw today really appealed to me. I think I'm trying to find about 5 different bags in 1 and it's just not possible so I need to be more realistic and decide on a few different styles which will each have their own specific purpose ie one for work (big enough to hold A4 folders and textbooks), one for general use (going shopping/to the cinema/meeting friends) etc. I'm glad I blogged about this: what I want is now clearer in my mind.
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  1. I'm so hopeless when it comes to bag shopping, I never know what I really need from a bag

  2. Yep, always seems to have to be a choice between style and practicality unfortunately.


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