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Good evening folks. Today I only had to work for an hour so it's been a relaxing day although I did manage to prepare the end-of-semester tests my students will be taking next week (I'm an English teacher) which is a weight off my mind. Now I can enjoy the weekend, especially since that means trying out my new neon pink nail polish, yay.

In my previous post I mentioned that I'd been looking for postcards. On Monday I met up with a Polish friend who told me about a website she uses called The aim of this site is to allow users to send and receive postcards to/from people all over the world. I found this idea quite appealing so as soon as I got home I registered. My task now is to send five postcards to five randomly selected users (in Canada, China, Estonia, Germany and the US) and once my cards have been received, five other users will then send me postcards. I suppose I like the idea of building up a collection of postcards from places I've never been to (and perhaps some I have) and I definitely like the idea of finding postcards in my letterbox. Here are the cards I'll be sending:

I quite like them actually so I think I might get some for myself before I leave Warsaw. I know I'll be making a scrapbook of our time in Poland so postcards will be a welcome addition to that although they'll have to fight with my own photographs for space.

The idea of belonging to this postcard network also appeals to me as I love writing to people. I left home over five years ago so nowadays I write to family and friends although even before that my friends and I would exchange letters, despite the fact that we saw each other at school everyday. Stationary is a big part of letter-writing to me and I'm always on the look out for cheap and cheerful writing sets. Most of my collection is purchased abroad and I've been able to find quite a few nice sets here in Poland. My most recent additions are these three sets which I spotted on a recent trip to the city of Gdansk. They cost around £1.20 each and I absolutely love them.

Are you a fan of the written word or do you prefer to stay in touch by email?

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  1. I do love writing on an actual paper than email.:D It's more personal.:D

    What a lovely idea, I shall check the website and maybe I will join.:D Thanks for sharing.:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I agree. Plus it's nice to keep actual letters and reread them years later, which isn't something we usually do with emails.

  3. I love to send and recieve letters :)

  4. Nowadays postcards have a lot of uses. The can used to interact with people in the form of letters. They are also a very effective marketing tool. You can order cheap postcards online at very competitive prices so that you can save a lot of cash.


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